Gear Locker

We Rent Gear!

What do you need for your next adventure?

Consider the Gear Locker to inexpensively rent a tent, backpack, stove, sleeping bag, headlamp, sleeping pad, canoe, climbing shoe, crampon, cross country ski, bouldering pad, and more!

Rental Rates

View our complete list of rental items and rates

Discounts Available!

The Gear Locker has a long standing history of offering discounted rated to larger groups (usually 10+ people) or for extended an duration of time (1 week +). Contact the Gear Locker Managers with inquiries!

Rental Exclusions

Certain items owned by the Umass Outing Club and used on official Umass Outing Club trips are not available to rent because they are too expensive to readily replace or pose additional liability risk when improperly used. These include ropes, harnesses, quickdraws, whitewater kayaks, some caving equipment, etc. See the list of rental items above if you have any questions.

Fall 2023 Gear Locker Hours

Manager Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Asher 12pm-1pm 9am-11am 10am-11am
Zuzanna 3-5pm
10am-12pm 3-4pm

Please try to make appointments/walk-in within these hours, but additional hours are available upon request

*A note about Mondays: For some holidays that fall on a Monday, the University will follow a Monday schedule on the Tuesday of that week. When this occurs, the gear locker schedule will follow the University schedule

All inquiries can be directed towards our Gear Locker Managers

Zuzanna Sowinska - (508) 873 0234

Asher Thomas - (518) 338 5626

Gear Locker Location

472 N Pleasant Street

Amherst, MA 01002