UMOC's cabin is located in Bethlehem, New Hampshire (the poetry capital of New Hampshire). It is a rough construction about a quarter mile hike in from the parking lot on route 142, south of town. The first level has a kitchen with a propane powered stove and lamps, a large dining/activity area and a wood stove for heat. The second level is a large open area with mattresses on the floor, space for about 25 to sleep comfortably. There is no electricity. There is running water only during fall and spring. During the summer the well dries up. During the winter it's frozen over. There is also two-stall outhouse.

Cabin Rental Questions?

Contact our Gear Locker Managers:

Sam Rode - (413) 824 -1241 -

Rory Malloy - (774) 277 - 0605 -

UMOC Cabin Rental Policy

The full amount is to be paid at the time you make your reservation. The charge for a weekend of use of the Cabin is as follows:

  • Student Groups -$150
  • UMass Alum & Five College Students – $150
  • Non-student groups – $250

Priorities for use of the UMOC cabin are:

  • 1st priority: UMOC trips and UMOC members on a trip
  • 2nd priority: UMass students
  • 3rd priority: Faculty, alumni, other outing clubs, other folk

The priority system applies up until THREE WEEKS before your reservation date. Before that date a reservation request for your reserved date from a higher priority group may preempt your reservation. If that occurs your deposit will of course be refunded. Three weeks and less before your reservation date your reservation is guaranteed. Please note: Except as noted above, THIS PAYMENT IS NOT REFUNDABLE. Make sure your group understands this before you make a payment. Please make your payments by check, payable to UMass Outing Club. UMOC will hold your group responsible for any damages to the cabin, its contents or its property caused by your group while the cabin is under your care.


We absolutely hold you and all members of your group responsible for obeying the following rules at all times:

  • NO smoking ANYWHERE in or near the cabin!
  • NO open fires, flames, carbide lamps, or candles, etc. of any kind in the cabin
  • Determine the locations of fire extinguishers when you arrive
  • Turn all the building's gas mantle lamps off when you retire at night
  • Make sure the gas stove and oven are turned off when you are finished cooking and when you retire at night
  • Turn the gas line outside the cabin off when you leave

The cabin can accommodate a maximum of 30 people at a time safely. UMOC accepts NO responsibility for injuries sustained by members of your group while staying at the cabin. Do not chop wood. Plenty of dry, chopped wood is stored out in back of the cabin. In general, people in your group must take care of themselves; make sure everyone knows how to play safely and sanely in the woods. Also, UMOC accepts NO responsibility for losses to you or your group due to theft anywhere in the cabin or on the property, including the parking area. Do NOT leave anything of value in your vehicles or in the cabin when you are not present. Keep your vehicles locked.


Cabin Incident Form can be found Below

***The UMass Outing Club cabin is currently not handicapped accessible and does not meet ADA standards. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment within our club and enabling people from all backgrounds to enjoy the great outdoors. We are looking into ways to make this space more accessible in the future, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.